Laz Jazz At The Bistro

by Brothers Lazaroff

Sometimes I feel so defined, by what my ancestors said Voices in the air, still hovering overhead Telling me wrong from right, and not always so polite They just wanna pick a fight But I’d rather be sleeping Cause I’ve read grand opinions, seen them posted on the wall Written through clenched teeth, laced with fury and vitriol Never taking into account, that words can be tantamount To hearts being ripped out And bodies bleeding Chorus: Can’t we just find our own quiet place under the tree Two men stood side by side, smiling cordially Proclaiming they’re still friends, although they disagree But behind closed doors they wince, and neither is convinced That intentions aren’t balanced With something hiding Freedom rides right at you, like trail ways to a mob Although they may look the part, some ain’t up to the job But locked arms stand and sing, when the clang of metal rings Young women can grow wings And take off flying Chorus
Didn’t know where I was going, didn’t know where I’d been Stumbling in the dark no vacant rooms at the inn Made a bed in the stable with the horses, mules and hogs Cold ground was my bed, my pillows were rocks and fresh cut logs Until words drifted in from an unknown mouth Maybe it was just some old phrase from the South Conjures up a melody Helps me to hear wind through the willow trees But the wind drowns out the thoughts running through my head Flushes out the rust and cobwebs Patterns and pathways formed over the years Illusions and confusions born from hopes and fears And there’s geese in the park, amongst the ice and snow Forging for food, before they hit the road Instincts take those geese where they need to be But my instincts, they don’t always speak quit so loudly Cause all the facts I know just tear me down Tie me up in knots like a prisoner bound But I’ll fly the coop, join a geese formation Take things as they come, no more computations
Chorus: Union of the soul, so sweet to find Why does it ever go, on down the line When there’s nothing left but dreams the world will never know You need a union of the soul When you give up your youthful mind you leave all those thoughts behind Feel you’re chasing time, trapped down in the mine If it’s dark, damp, and cold, seems there’s nowhere to go You need a union of the soul Chorus When the bluebirds joyful call, you can’t hear at all You lose your will to stand tall, feel so afraid you’ll fall When fending off thoughts of regret is your only goal You need a union of the soul Chorus When the walls are closing in, in this world of sin If you’re to try again, you’ll need the strength to begin Cause like the farmer knows we reap what we sow We need a union of the soul Chorus
I spent the other night in an old hotel The lobby manager, he was mad a hell Trying to shoo away the vagrants, and keep the place clean He was hollerin’ at the bellhop it was really quite a scene But the park outside the lobby was no picnic either A long white limo idled with no chauffer driver Ladies talking in tongues, men selling all their wares It smelled of something strange, and no one even cared Chorus: New Orleans will be there when the sun comes up New Orleans will be there when the sun comes up If your bounty runnith over, or you got an empty cup New Orleans will be there when the sun comes up Waitress came to my table at the corner café Looked me up and down, but had nothing to say I tried to order tea and toast, but the kitchen it was broke I let out a little chuckle, but she said it ain’t no joke So I hopped aboard a trolley just to head uptown I knew the conductor back when he was an unemployed clown Bells were ringing loud, people talking soft The trolley came to a screeching halt, but nobody got off Chorus Uptown on a street lined with Japanese Lilies I went to go see my old pal Sticky Willie When I got to his house, the front door was locked I peeped in the side window and man I was shocked So I found the hotel concierge, that jolly man He made me swear I was a Jelly Roll Morton fan He said I had to come back to see the lilies in bloom I said I’ve had enough for one day please just show me to my room Chorus


Brothers Lazaroff celebrate the release of their album "Laz Jazz at the Bistro" recorded during their debut engagement at Jazz at The Bistro in the summer of 2016. While known for their genre-bending approach to Americana and Roots music, with this release Brothers Lazaroff take a deep dive into the Jazz idiom. Rearranging their original music, Brothers Lazaroff explore a wide range of Jazz styles. Swing, Bop, Avant-Gard, Dixieland, Second-Line, Experimental, Modern, and Contemporary all find their way into this project. Re-working the rhythmic approaches, augmenting the melodic and harmonic structures, reimagining the arrangements and stretching out the improvisations and solos help set Brothers Lazaroff's songwriting into a landscape that explores and honors a history of Jazz music. One cannot talk about Americana and Roots Music without raising up Jazz as an ultimate American art form and no groove-based Jam Band can approach jamming without knowledge of Jazz's magic codes and formulas.


released September 15, 2017

All Songs by Brothers Lazaroff
Produced by Brothers Lazaroff

Jeff Lazaroff - Vocals and Guitar
David Lazaroff - Guitar and Vocals
Grover Stewart - Drums
Teddy Brookins - Bass and Vocals
Nate Carpenter - Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Hammond Organ
Mark Hochberg - Violin and Sound Design
Adam Hucke - Trumpet and Flugelhorn
Ben Reece - Saxophone and Flute
Chris Hansen - Percussion
Justin Barksdale - Hammond Organ on “Union of the Soul”

Introduction by Bob Bennett - Artistic and Operations Director at Jazz St. Louis

Special thanks to Bob Bennett for the opportunity to reinterpret our catalog and Kerrie Schaefer for helping us get the sound right.

Recorded Live in St. Louis, MO at The Ferring Jazz Bistro in the Harold and Dorothy Steward Center (JazzSTL) by Paul Hennerich @ The Pan Galactic Company

Edited by Brothers lazaroff @ Room 18 Studios in St. Louis, MO

Mixed and Mastered by Jacob Detering @ Red Pill Entertainment in St. Louis, MO


all rights reserved


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