Sisters And Brothers

by Brothers Lazaroff

It’s been so cold this summer Hearts frozen blue Walkin’ the streets Lookin’ for heat Hoping to see something in you My sisters and brothers My sisters and brothers My sisters and brothers Screams across the dead of night Found you fallen on your knees Just another day In the land of foul play While over your head fruit still hangs from the tree My sisters and brothers My sisters and brothers My sisters and brothers Come sit down at the table Nothing’s foreign to your tongue Taste so sublime Could change any mind Hey what’s your name where you from? My sisters and brothers My sisters and brothers My sisters and brothers


ST. LOUIS, June 13, 2019 – One of St. Louis' most beloved bands, Brothers Lazaroff will release their eighth full-length album, "Sisters And Brothers" August 1st. Their first release since 2017's "Laz Jazz At the Bistro" and first batch of new songs since 2016's "Dangerous Times," Brothers Lazaroff teamed up with frequent collaborators and bandmates Sam Golden and Andrew Warshauer (DJ Boogieman) in producing the new collection of songs.

The new album tries to find the place where roots-rock, soul and jazz live, augmented by beautiful and lush experimental string and horn arrangements by co-producer and multi-instrumentalist Sam Golden.

With the rhythm section of Grover Stewart on drums and Teddy Brookins on bass for the past thirteen years, Mark Hochberg on violin, Sam Golden on keys/guitar/violin, Brothers Lazaroff looked to their extended musical family to flush out this new set of ten songs. Chris Hansen on percussion, Adam Hucke on trumpet, and Ben Reece on sax and flute, as well as Anita Jackson on background vocals, round out the band's recording.

"The songs on this album don’t turn a blind eye to everything going on around us, but they ultimately come back to the importance of taking care of each other during these crazy times,” says Jeff Lazaroff. “It’s hard not to address the divisions that exists today, hopefully it can lead to a place of greater understanding.”


released May 2, 2019

Jeff Lazaroff - Vocals And Guitar
David Lazaroff - Guitar And Vocals
Grover Stewart - Drums
Teddy Brookins - Bass
Mark Hochberg - Violins
Sam Golden - Piano, Electric Piano, 12 String, Organ
Andrew Warshauer - Sound Design and Vocals
Chris Hansen - Percussion
Adam Hucke - Trumpet
Ben Reece - Saxophone
Anita Jackson - Vocals
Stuart Rosenberg - Mandocaster

Tracking Sessions Engineered by Andrew Warshauer in Room 18 / St. Louis, MO
Edited by Brothers Lazaroff in Room 18 / St. Louis, MO
Mixed and Mastered by Jacob Detering at Red Pill Entertainment / St. Louis, MO

Song Written by Brothers Lazaroff
Song Produced by Andrew Warshauer and Sam Golden

Recorded in August of 2018
all rights reserved


all rights reserved


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