Dangerous Times

by Brothers Lazaroff



Dear Friends and Music Lovers,

We’ve never done a concept-album before, but the tunes connected themselves. This is our response to the bigotry and fear-mongering.

The songs came fast. We initially tracked them with just the two of us in the studio, David on an old Casio synth and Jeff on Stratocaster. On the Tuesdays we weren’t playing our residency at Tick Tock Tavern, the band began adding to the roughed-out demos. As they have since 2007, Grover Stewart provided the drums and Teddy Brookins the bass. Nate Carpenter, who has been with Brothers Lazaroff since 2014, supplied the organ and piano parts. This album also marks the arrival of a new member, Mark Hochberg, who’s alchemy of violin and sound design brings another dimensionality and cohesiveness to the band and album.

All summer long we layered and textured the tunes. Our cousin and mentor Stuart Rosenberg, in town to play a gig with us in June, added his psychedelic 1957 Fender Mandocaster to a couple songs. Long-time friend and collaborator Paco Proano contributed a few pieces of processed audio sourced from the tracking sessions. Finally, we brought it all to trusted engineer and advisor Jacob Detering for final mixing and mastering.

So we offer up these songs, our attempt to process the insanity and call on love. Recognizing that most feelings and opinions can’t be expressed in sound bites and short summations, we can give you brotherly-harmonies, fuzzy guitars, soulful organ, ethereal violin, syncopated drums and vital bass lines.

Jeff and David


released November 1, 2016

All Songs by Brothers Lazaroff
Produced by Brothers Lazaroff

Jeff Lazaroff - Vocals, Electric Guitar
David Lazaroff - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Synthesizer, Pedal Steel Guitar, Vocals
Grover Stewart - Drums
Teddy Brookins - Bass, Vocals
Nate Carpenter - Organ, Piano, Electric Piano
Mark Hochberg - Violin, Sound Design
Stuart Rosenberg - Mandocaster
Paco Proano - Sound Design

Recorded @ Room 18 Studios; University City, MO

Mixed and Mastered by Jacob Detering @ Red Pill Entertainment; St. Louis, MO

Recording Consulting and Studio Logistics by Sam Ohlhausen

Album Source Artwork by Paco Proano @ Object And Thought and Rob Miller @ Loophole; Denver, CO

Album Layout and Design by J.J. Campbell @ Rural Rooster; Austin, TX


all rights reserved



Brothers Lazaroff St Louis, Missouri

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Track Name: Dangerous Times
These dangerous times that we are living in
I’m crawling out of my skin
Fear takes center stage once again
Ripping us apart from within

Filled up with rage and anger so
They fall neatly in line when you say go
Pull the cord worn thin by time and loss
While the demon of betrayal’s foaming at the mouth

These dangerous times that we are living in
I’m crawling out of my skin
Reckless with the pain where it isn’t
Hate from the unloved has arisen
Track Name: Don't Look Now
I saw a large crowd in a black and white movie
Pulsing back and forth like breathe in the lungs
A man stood before them shaking and screaming
Inciting them all got ‘em speaking in tongues

Don’t look now…don’t look now
Don’t raise your hand, don’t raise you hand…don’t look now

You say, “that was so long ago” with a shrug and a hiss
Then you stockpile supplies and stash them away
But the torches still burn out on the front lawn
And faces still look the same every Sunday


It’s a push and a pull, across a hair thin fine line
Easy to cross even easier to break
A reaction from the heart, not a skittish response
No side to be on, nothing to retake

Track Name: Cover For Our Heads
This roof keeps out the rain stops the water from seeping in
Doesn’t let the sun scorch my skin
The walls battle the wind holds that raging force at bay
But my mind still finds the cracks where it can slip away

Just a cover for our heads
Just a cover for our heads
Not a cover for our eyes, not a cover for our eyes
It’s only just a cover for our heads

Cool air from the ground in the long days of July
Comes up under the mattress where we lie


Waking from a night sleep where I was well beyond the stars
Sunlight shimmers in like a steel guitars
Day laid out before me it’ll be hours before I rest
With devotion so deep within my chest

Track Name: Go Away
It’s a story not so unreal
Evil stands before you with a deal
Peddling sin his name up in lights
Tower of Babylon to the highest heights

Go away…all your evil, go away
Name in lights, go away
Babylon, go away

Self-delusion it’s siren call
Road burns up the feet and you will not stand to fall
If you live in fire take it in
Raising walls beneath the skin

Go away…self-delusion, go away
Burning road, go away
All your fire, go away

The lines are seductive you can’t turn away
Hanging on with baited breath for each splash of the day
All the words spit with no meaning
Rambling on keeps them seething

Go away…your seduction, go away
Hanging on, go away
All your seething, go away

The ring’s beyond your grasp
Gather everything don’t ask
Playing with resentment of the defeated
All the suspicions they’ve been cheated

Go away…beyond your grasp, go away
Your resentment, go away
Your Suspicion, go away
Track Name: Pay It No Mind
Passed by your table all your cohorts gathered round
Speaking of your plans in voices soft and low
Your eyes fell on me, a blank gaze with no desire
In that stark look there’s nowhere new, to go
Nowhere new, to go

Pay it no mind
Pay it no mind
Go on and shine
Pay it no mind

At those dinners where you laugh and raise a glass
And toast the times when you could understand
Now you feel like it all could slip away
But closing ranks will never end, the lie
Never end, the lie

Track Name: Never Grow Old
Heard you laughing on that Spring day
So much beauty all around me
Make this moment never go away
Walls of light surround me

It’ll never grow old, it’ll never grow old
It’ll never grow old, it’ll never grow old

Extend your hand and I’ll take it
Meld your story with mine
Fighting for love like a misfit
Ducking shadows at night


Starring down a barrel ain’t that bad
Just don’t stare too long
You’re not a spiritual nomad
This is where you belong

Track Name: Sat By The Cliff
Sat by the cliff, stared into the abyss
And asked myself, how’d it get like this
The tide rolled out, we staggered about
You seemed weak, filled with doubt

Take that trip up on the mountain
Where you can live alone

You tried to pretend, you had the strength of ten men
I had a sinking feeling, of how this would end
There’s lessons to be heard, lines get blurred
You must prepare, to hear the word


Can’t fake it through, they’ll see right through you
I wear a badge of faith, from what I’ve had to do
Sat by the cliff, looked out over the edge
Won’t be pulled down, that’s a solemn pledge
Track Name: Gonna Be Okay
We walked out in the street that night
Under radars and dashing satellites
She tried to sort out crisscrossed signs
I looked over my shoulder one last time

Trust me now (it’s gonna be okay) trust me now (it’s gonna be okay)

Electric nerves running wild
Things get dull after awhile
Like dragging the blade over course terrain
You know it’ll never be the same again


Swinging in the big top without a net
So many things I could never forget
I saw mystery jewels behind the gate
You showed me but made me wait

Thought I’d catch you but you got me
You always knew how it was gonna be
Now I submit to learn the code
Except the part I don’t wanna know
Track Name: Heavy Heart
It’s with a heavy heart that I come to you
Just wanna talk a few things out
It’s with a heavy heart that I walk on in
Can I just sit down

I saw him shake her hand and say “no”
Without a place for her to lay
How do they caste people out in the streets


I picked up my bags and went looking
For when the images would fade
Thought we’d have it together by now

Please can you do me a favor
Make this storm pass real soon
I’m scared of the damage it may leave behind

I was looking out my window
I was caught up in the fog
Sometimes it’s best to just shut it all out
Track Name: Lights Are On
Quiet in here, lights are on
Quiet in here, lights are on

Keep tellin’ myself lights are on, lights are on
Keep tellin’ myself lights are on, lights are on

Warm in here, lights are on
Warm in here, lights are on


Soft in here, lights are on
Soft in here, lights are on
Quiet in here, lights are on
Warm in here, lights are on

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